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Rhodes, Greece

Price Range
24800 - 24800


Sound & Lighting Equipment Hire
You Bring Your Music
This is perfect for Weddings. Save a fortune, play your own music plugging into one of our sound & lighting systems. Use your own music via a laptop or any audio device such as your Smartphone or Mp3 player.

We Supply Sound & Lighting Hire
We supply you with a basic system, all dressed up with lights. From 250 euro (Plus Taxes). Maybe you have a musician or DJ that wishes to bring his guitar or music controller & just needs the sound system or even the instrument, microphone etc. We can supply everything you need.

Sound & Lighting Equipment Hire
We can supply everything from a couple of speakers with an amplifier to a massive concert rig. We have several items available, a small P.A System for a party with a few spotlights. Maybe you require a fully dressed quality system with a lighting system & mood lights for a wedding. You can also plug in your music player, laptop, tablet or devise to one of our sound systems then just party. If you have a DJ with you or a musician we can also supply Disco decks CD mixers, Controllers as well as: Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Drum Kits Microphones, Mixers and almost anything you need.

Latest Hi-Tech Systems
Innovative ideas from new technology let us update systems and provide higher standards with ergonomic breakthroughs in sound, light and power. For example, 2021 systems are now available with multiple personal table speakers inclusive of sound to light units. Sound systems that are so discrete you cannot see them. With the ability to run seamlessly using Wireless/Bluetooth control via a simple smartphone App.

Wedding Discos
Mayhem Entertainment Wedding discos. We supply full disco setups. Lighting & high-quality audio systems. You can have almost anything you like, depending on your budget. Sound & Lighting We also supply lighting equipment including various effects such as lasers, strobe lights & moving heads with smoke effects. You can have almost anything you desire for your party. This can be a simple set of spotlights & some colour changing mood lights. Or a massive stage lighting rig for a large venue.

Sound & Lighting Equipment Hire Small – Medium – Large Parties & Events
We will deliver, set up and collect (included in the price) a small P.A system with some lights for your holiday villa party or event. From a simple amplifier and speakers with a set of spotlights to anything you need. You may require something a little more high end, like a set of DJ turntables or some specialist lighting and effects.

Listing Packages

Package 1 Sound & Lighting

A very basic system we have named package 1 sound & lighting. 2 speakers, powered by a mixer/amplifier. This comes with speaker stands dressed in our custom made white covers. Included is a set of spotlights on a T- bar and up lighters that give a nice mood lighting effect to the covered stands. With all of our packages, all the necessary cables and connectors come as standard as is a microphone for announcements or a singer. Compatible with smartphones or tablet/laptop, DJ Controller or even a guitar.

Pricing For 1 Day Hire
This basic sound and lighting package would be suitable for a small group of people of up to 30-50. We deliver, set up, and collect the equipment from your venue.
For a 1-day hire of this costs €200 + V.Α.Τ (currently at 24%) Total is €248.00

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* Payment fees will be applied
Reward: Get 12.40 cashback when total amount is paid.

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